Darkside makes Top Ten Vimeo Films Ever


"On a universal level, the film’s raw and unapologetic message calls us to live life on our own terms, be it in the cold waters of Ireland or anywhere else. This is a rally cry for the underdog, with beautiful cinematography and a score that wells up a sense of pride at wielding a camera."

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Glastonbury 2015

Glastonbury was so special for us this year. Headlining the Other Stage on the Saturday night of the festival is one helluva slot to fill. We didn't think we would even make it because Ben had been so poorly for two weeks leading up to it. Struck down with pneumonia and shit hit brotherman hard. We had to cancel some epic gigs the weeks leading up and it looked like Glasto would be added to the list but somehow Ben powered through healing and made the call to play the night before so off we went. There was an incredible energy in the air when we went on and as soon as we started playing we knew it'd be an emotional one for all of us,a lot of different feelings pouring through the music. It's insane the journeys music can take you on whilst playing with the right chemistry. The crowd were incredible and the skyline was unforgettable. I felt like we gave our all and left nothing behind up there. All up its a wild memory that will live with each of us forever. 

Into the great wide open

This festival on Vlieland island in the Netherlands has to be one of the most special I've ever been to,let alone been lucky enough to have played at. I'd love to take my family to it someday. Everything seems to be built out of wood and old recycled bits of metal there,and it has a mad ramshackle vibe that suits the beaches and bike paths  that frame the site.

Steven Gerrard

A legend retires from his lifelong club at the end of this season and football won't feel as entertaining to me. I've always admired Steven Gerrards fire and inner drive to keep believing and pushing when things might look impossible. Here's a highlight reel of his some of his goals anyways

Wilbot in Manchester


Four and a half,maybe five years ago now,myself,Rivie and Allan Wilson,(the legendary loopy brother pictured here),were getting kicks cruising cities and weird places within Ireland and Britain at night,projecting photographs and moving images of the ocean onto interesting things,using a mad rig shining out of the side of my van. Some of that footage eventually found its way into the final edit for Darkside of the Lens. These days,Wilbot is responsible for the epic visuals onstage that
anyone who's been to our gigs with Ben the past couple years will have seen. We played Manchester Apollo for the second time in two weeks last night. The Apollo was somewhere myself and the lads had always wanted to play during various stints writing music together in Manchester. As a result,it was one of the buildings we projected onto back then for the Darkside edit - as was the rad old tunnel featured in this here photograph. It was a real pleasure to be there again with Wilbur last night,seeing old friends and reminiscing over the adventures we all had there and have had since.


Finally, after years of trying to get our shit together, the site is up and running. Thankyou to everyone who has kept checkin back and enquired over the years. Special thanks to Ally Sopp to for his patience with our wackiness. Cheers all x